How do you stop corruption and abuse of power so rampant in politically immature countries?

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The best way to control abuse of of power over time, interestingly, is the mortality of man. While it is very human to need to have something to look forward to, individually the end for each of us will be death.

While that preamble may have sounded a bit morbid, the concept of maturity really depends on our ability to see beyond our own mortality, and beyond our own pleasure, to see the beauty of the future that we build for others. Inversely, the abuse of power is the inability to see beyond our needs to satisfy the needs of the masses; to see beyond our own needs and insecurities to help others.

"Power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely"
What can be done for the majority to deal with abuses of power?
How would the people take power back from corrupt leaders?
Assuming that the population is educated and mature, which is a big assumption, courage is required to face those in power.

Stand up and say NO. Just like a spoiled child, or an abusive husband, the enabler is really the abused. Don't take it lying down! Teach everyone you know that there's a certain truth in freedom and democracy, and stand up for your rights!
Answered by: Meagan - 104 Months Ago.
"If you think of yourselves as helpless and ineffectual, it is certain that you will create a despotic goverment to be your master." -- Frank Herbert
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The recent events in Egypt and Libya shows what people can do when they all stand up and say NO.
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People are never born evil, but can learn to become evil. Here's my classification for levels of evil.

1) At the top is the ultra-competitive person who believes that resources are so limited that we must fight against one another to survive. There's some deep-rooted insecurities, believing that others won't help you in times of need, that you have to hoard and prevent others from their fair shot.

It's okay to want to do better than others, and do better yourself. But not winning at any cost, cheating and lying, just to feel good about winning. Competition often brings the best out of us. But it's not supposed to bring the worst evil out of us.

2) The person who believes he or his loved ones are more deserving, somehow more worthy than others. This belief of being the chosen one will easily gets carried away, like Hitler did, or slave owners did.

It's okay to want to feel special, but it's not okay to recognize and respect everybody else is special in some way. That everybody contributes in some way, and has a deserving place in the world.

3) The person who does whatever feels good, justifying hurting others because it somehow soothes his own esteem, without empathy for others. This is what child molestors and wife beaters are made of. And this is what causes drug addictions.

4) The person who believes that he knows better, that others opinions are not worth listening to. Most conquerors and Kings believe this, from the Japanese empire to Rome. You'll recognize this as the boss without respect for employees.
Answered by: r56 - 91 Months Ago.
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There are plenty of examples of power abuse in the top economic powers, so are they also politically immature?

Take an example like Enron, where so many people involved abused the powers given in their roles, from executives to accountants, from equity analysts to reporters, from bankers to lawyers. Each knowing participant professed their ignorance, and because of the size of the fraud, they couldn't punish them all. Although they should have.

Another great example is George W Bush, and his great triumph over the Democrats in the elections, and his invasion of Iraq. Even worse, a health system in place that denies 47 million citizens of the wealthiest nation on earth the remedies for their ailments, in order to protect corporate profits of HMO's!

I'd be really impressed when the Republicans somehow win the 2008 elections, especially after being behind in the polls. (That's my prediction, January 08)
Answered by: Rock Star - 104 Months Ago.
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How do you stop officials from being bribed? Laws might help in the short term. But when people worship the almighty dollar, they will do bad things even if they risk getting caught. When people measure their happiness based on how much society is giving to them, they will keep taking from society.

In the long-term, officials will only do the right thing if they believe strongly that their position is building a better world. That fairness is important in advancing the society. That their role is more important in giving back to the society rather than taking money. They must believe that they're part of something good.
Answered by: sherwin - 101 Months Ago.
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While you can never really make anybody do anything, you CAN make your voice be heard.

Publish your thoughts anywhere (including here), and the voice of the people will dominate to force those in power to act.
Answered by: EricC - 100 Months Ago.
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Kill them them.
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