Is it worth upgrading to Windows Vista?

Are the new features of Vista worth the upgrade? I heard it's mostly bloatware.
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There's no benefit, unless you have specific (new) software which REQUIRES Vista (like a very few games).

Con's of upgrading to Vista:
-You need a fast and modern machine with at least 2GB of RAM (memory) if you want to run Vista smoothly.
-Many peripherals/devices (in general) are not supported (yet).
-Many somewhat older peripherals/devices will not get support (drivers) at all.
-Many old peripherals/devices simply won't work on Vista.
-Many somewhat older software will not work until a new version will be released (thus, you need to purchase a new version).
-Many older software will not work at all.
-Many things will run SLOWER.
-Vista gobbles up MUCH more harddisk space. As a result, backing up the system state (creating an image), takes a lot more time. I use imaging a lot (google for 'Ghost image') - if i don't like software, i rather go back an image instead of uninstalling the software (because very often, the registry will not be cleaned thoroughly when just 'uninstalling').
-Don't 'fix' it (your WinXP) if it aint broken. Well, even if it WERE broken, i'd rather re-install XP than install Vista.

-If you like eyecandy, I guess Vista would be preferable over XP. However, with a number of tricks, you can have XP behave and look like Vista very similarly.
-Hmmm... Right now, i can't think of any other pro.

-Some people will say Vista is more secure than XP. In fact, currently there's little difference.

My conclusion:
As long if MS supports (security updates) XP, i can't recommend upgrading to Vista at all. The main idea of an Operating System is to support software and hardware. Currently, Vista doesn't do a better job with that than XP.
Answered by: m - 103 Months Ago.
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It depends on how proficient you are with computers. If you are not very good with computers, upgrading to Windows Vista might be a good thing, because it is more secure. On the other hand, if you are experienced, you might find Vista a bit annoying because it asks you to confirm most important actions before you do them. Most people probably only like Vista because it is flashy (notice how so many programs look like polished metal these days?)
Answered by: bbi5291 - 107 Months Ago.
One of the biggest downfalls of Windows Vista is the lack of supporting drivers for older peripherals. Aside from that, it is a memory hog. Deciding to upgrade is one thing. Whether or not your computer can even run it is a totally different concept. Fortunately, Microsoft was smart enough to create an upgrade fitness test, so that you can see what changes need to be made in order to get the Vista upgrade to work on your current system. Personally, my system is only 3 years old, and has been upgraded with a lot of newer technology. The big problem now seems to be that even most of the new stuff I've added isn't supported by Vista. As the other answerer stated, Vista is dumbed down, so that you can make less mistakes, but is very annoying for the prolific users of XP. Upgrading to a new OS versus installing a clean copy of the OS also creates a lot of redundant files, so the hard drive is top heavy, and will slow you down.

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I don't like vista, too boring
Answered by: hyp530 - 104 Months Ago.
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No, upgrade to Windows 7.
Answered by: Ihateyahooanswers - 81 Months Ago.
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It is really worth that. And if lost or forgot vista password, use windows password reset professional tool to reset the password.
Answered by: chocmc - 61 Months Ago.
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You can reset Windows 7 password with password reset disk if you have one created in advance. If not, you can use Windows Login Recovery software to recover your password. Free trial of Windows Login Recovery is available on its website.
Answered by: coco201314 - 61 Months Ago.
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Dont upgrade windows vista instead of that u can use windows 7. its comes with various features........
Answered by: - 56 Months Ago.

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