What is the difference between a Software Engineer and a Programmer?

Also, what are the differences for other titles such as Software Architect, and Application Developer.
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Titles in the software industry have little meaning. The exact same role can be done with people holding various titles. For example, the titles "Programmer", "Programmer/Analyst" and "Developer" are fairly interchangeable. For more experienced profressionals, the titles "Senior Programmer", "Senior Programmer/Analyst", "Senior Developer", and "Software Engineer" can all apply.

Titles are not the best indicator for salary. Your experience, the industry, and the size of the company are better indicators for salary.
Answered by: imisd - 90 Months Ago.
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Programmers write programs. With the ease-of-use of modern programming tools, anybody can be a programmer, including the high-school student. When applied to a job category, anybody who programs computers can be designated as a programmer. Titles such as Programmer/Analyst are used in the financial industry.

Software Engineering is a term used by those who believe software development is an engineering process, which can be performed in a systematic, quantitative way. In industry, Software Engineer as a title is given to professionals working in engineering and manufacturing industries, especially for large systems or embedded systems where high-reliability is required. Whether an engineering approach can be applied to software is a topic still under intense debate.

An Application Developer or Application Programmer applies to programmers who build software applications as opposed to systems. Software applications refers to software that are used by people, as opposed to systems software which talks to other systems.

The titles of Software Architect and Systems Analyst are typically given to professionals who design software and software components. In theory, however, software architect should only required as a role in environments large enough to require a software architecture.
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Before learning what the difference between a software engineer and a computer programmer is, let us see what is meant by the term software engineering and how it relates to computer programming:

-Software engineering is a rigorous approach to development, maintenance and testing of software. These are engineers who must be knowledgeable about software requirements, design, development, maintenance and testing.

-A computer programmer on the other hand, is required to develop, test and maintain code that is to be run on the computer. He is responsible for converting the specifications provided in the software requirements definition phase into working code for the computer. Computer programmers are involved with design and maintenance of websites too.

Answered by: Johndecruse - 64 Months Ago.
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My simple analysis with the difference of sa Software Engineeer and a Programmer is that the Software Engineer gives the Programmer the idea and design, while the Programmer only codes it.

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Answered by: TedSmiths - 39 Months Ago.
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What is the difference between a Software Engineer and a Programmer? Also, what are the differences for other titles such as Software Architect, and Application Developer. - HelpGlobe.Business.Jobs
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