How do I speed up DNS propagation when IP Address changes?

How do I achieve the best possible uptime for my website? How do I keep my site running even when the DNS server goes down?
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The most basic task of DNS is to translate hostnames to IP addresses. In very simple terms, it can be compared to a phone book. For example, if you want to know the internet address of, DNS can tell you that it is DNS servers all over the internet copies these DNS records to improve performance.

In a dynamic DNS environment, where the IP address for your website can potentially change, it's important to have DNS settings that allow changes quickly, but do not expire quickly. Even in an fixed IP address hosting environment, settings can be made so that the IP address can point to a secondary side in case the primary site is down.

The default value for TTL (Time to Live) is 86400 seconds, which is 24 hours. 24 hours is an eternity if you need to make an emergency DNS change to keep your business online. It's better to use more nameservers, but multiple nameservers from the same service provider doesn't help if that provider is down. Some networks allow TTL of 60, and some 300, of course the lower setting allow faster recovery time in case of DNS failure. Keep in mind some networks may charge you per DNS query, so it may be another thing to consider.

Do not lower the expiry value for your domain. This means that if your DNS server fails, the pointers to your site is still valid as long as the DNS records on other servers have not yet expired.
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It's best to lower the TTL BEFORE planning any DNS changes. Then you won't be waiting for hours, as all DNS servers will fall into line quickly.

So go to your existing DNS Manager, and don't change any record values... just change time TTL time. If they don't let you change this to 600 or less, than host your DNS records off-site and change it there.

Beware when you pick a host. User DNS lookup tools to find the SOA TTL, because often this is not editable. The large TTL means DNS migrations away from that host will be slow.
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How do I speed up DNS propagation when IP Address changes? How do I achieve the best possible uptime for my website? How do I keep my site running even when the DNS server goes down? - HelpGlobe.Tech.Info-Tech
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