What's the best painkiller for headaches? What's the difference between Aspirin, Advil, and Tylenol?

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Your choice of pain medication depends on the type of headache you have.

* Aspirin is the traditional painkiller, and helps prevent heart problems as well. Compared to the alternatives, it is relatively outdated.

* Advil (and Motrin) is similar to Aspirin, but is less irritating to the stomach than Aspirin. Popular among migraine sufferers, it also works to reduce fever, and many claim that it seems to work the fastest.

* Aleve is great for arthritis and sprains, and for people with allergies, who are prone to inflammation-based pain. Aleve also lasts longer as a pain reliever.

* Tylenol is great for reducing pain and fever, but it's not an anti-inflammatory, so it's not for injuries or burns. Used extensively in hospitals, Tylenol is very easy on the stomach than others, and the best choice for children. So if you're sick with the flu, Tylenol works well.
Answered by: Neil W - 85 Months Ago.
Tylenol used over time causes liver damage!
Commented by: r56 - 81 Months Ago.
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I take Advil for headaches.

Tylenol for colds.

Aleve for injuries.
Answered by: imisd - 85 Months Ago.
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