How do I overcome procrastination?

Why do I always wait until the last minute to get things done?
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You're possessed by your need for novelty.
First step is to acknowledge that fact.
Imagine that "Need for novelty" as an evil being.
Imagine yourself being possessed.

Fear not! You can overcome this!
Your cure is to get back to planning your time.
How? One step at a time.
Start by planning a single task for the next 10 minutes.
So do it! Then read the rest....

Now you've overcome procrastination...
You got 10 minutes back doing what you really want!
Now plan the next 20 minutes...
... and so on...
Answered by: sherwin - 105 Months Ago.
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"Never put off to tomorrow, what you can put off to the day after tomorrow" was my motto, once!!!

 We tend to view tasks in their entirety, making them appear huge. I find that it helps to break it down into readily achievable stages, and promise myself a small reward, on the completion of each, and a bigger one, once finalised. Another tactic is to promise yourself that you will make a start, and just do 5, or 10 minutes. If, at the end of that time, you feel like continuing, do so.

Otherwise, take a short break, and come back to it, later. It's making the start, that's often the hardest part, and once that is done, everything else often just seems to fall into place, possibly because your unconscious mind is using parallel procession, and continuing to consider it, during the breaks. Set a timer, or alarm, to remind you when your next break is due, and don't put it off for too long. To do otherwise is to create a disincentive to returning to the task.

Folders, shelves, and boxes, clearly labelled, and assigning a place for everything, then getting into the habit (it takes 30 - 40 repetitions to establish a habit, for most people) of putting things in their respective places will make it much easier, in the long term, and help you in other ways, as well (having places for your keys, credit cards, wallet/purse, cellular mobile phone, P.D.A., etc., so you never misplace them). Colour coding can sometimes be of additional benefit in quickly locating something. The benefits will carry over into other areas of your life, too, such as work.

View: and and and and at the topic of laziness is also addressed. Enter "procrastination" in the searchbar at       
Answered by: jacko23 - 96 Months Ago.
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As long as you do a good job and you're not stressed its really not a big issue. Some people are just wired that way. But, if you are having anxiety attacks, well then that's a completely different story. Many times people procrastinate because something is daunting and they just don't know where to start or its something they really don't want to do. If its a big project, just break it down into bite size pieces. That way you are not overwhelmed and you get a little bit done each day. That way you won't be overwhelmed. If you have a deadline for a project, mark the date a few days before the due date, and then count the days back to today. Divide the work and time over those days so by the due date, you'll have everything done, by following the schedule/map outline of the project that you created. That gives you back the power and the control over your life and timetable.
Answered by: UrbanAngel - 105 Months Ago.
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Procrastination is the deferment or avoidance of an action or task to a later time. Psychologist and author Neil Fiore defines procrastination as: :"a mechanism for coping with the anxiety associated with starting or completing any task or decision."
Answered by: GloBot - 105 Months Ago.
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In our media age, we have so many distractions. In the end just ask yourself, do you really need to see the ending of that show? What difference does it make? Watch TV or play games just a little for rest... but if you do it too much, you'll procrastinate.

If you want the ultimate secret to relieving stress, set an early deadline for yourself, which you don't have to tell anybody else. How is this a stress reliever? Well you know that feeling when you finished something, and you earned your rest time, well that's what you get when you do things early. You gotta admit that's less stress than playing around and then doing things last minute!
Answered by: Meagan - 105 Months Ago.
Meagen I agree with you. Good explanation.
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How do I overcome procrastination? Why do I always wait until the last minute to get things done? - HelpGlobe.Health.Psychology

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