How do I capture in video my computer screen, for training or demo?

What software do I use to record my application Window session, to create a video movie?
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Here are the top Demoware and screencasting software:

(1) Camtasia Studio is very easy to use. You can use it for screen capturing not only still-images, but videos, and add sound.

You just start the recording and then anything on the screen in the capture window will be recorded. If you are talking into a microphone, the audio will be recorded with the video. You can choose to record the audio seperately and mix the video and audio in the Studio editor.

Here's an example of how to use it.

While Camtasia Studio is the most widely used, it's not free.
Camtasia has an Open Source version, which is good as well.

(2) ViewletBuilder creates Flash specifically for demos. The result is not a recorded lengthy movie file, but a series of screen captures that are then animated to produce a Flash simulation. If you have a very large demo, the Flash format can save on download time.

(3) Captivate - started as RoboDemo, it creates SWF flash files also, but now has more features than ViewletBuilder. Beyond screencast presentation demos, you incorporate with screen captures, images, animations, and videos - to create multimedia eLearning prgrams, quizzes and surveys.

(4) Jing is also free, and it's worth a try.
Jing integrates the upload process so you can share your video quickly.

(5) There are other solutions, such as Debut which is free.
(6) Wink - Which is free and works for Linux too. But the feature set is more limited.
(7) Hypercam - which cost $40, but most people prefer Camtasia.
(8) TurboDemo - Very easy to use, but cost $200.
(9) Fraps - which is more for games.
(10) BB FlashBack - Best for low-bandwidth, and only $40.
Answered by: karz - 95 Months Ago.

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Let me show a list of programs u can use
-Windows Mvoie Maker
-Sony Movie Maker
Or Just Google MovieMakers
Have Fun!
Answered by: RareHabblex - 96 Months Ago.
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Great post thanks for sharing.

the program i use:

-VLC media player
-sony vegas pro 9
-hd video convert (
Answered by: gordenbruce - 65 Months Ago.
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1AVCaptute, ScreenCamera, ScreenCamera.Net, ...
Answered by: pcwinsoft - 34 Months Ago.
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How do I capture in video my computer screen, for training or demo? What software do I use to record my application Window session, to create a video movie? - HelpGlobe.Tech.Software
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