How do I learn to program in Javascript?

What are the best tools that the pro's use to program Javascript?
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Javascript is a programming language that manipulates HTML on the browser. So the first step is to learn HTML, and how HTML is used to create each user interface element on a web page.
Here's a good reference:

To program Javascript, all you need is a text editor to write Javascript. But the difference between a regular editor versus a good one is huge for productivity. NotePad++ is the best free editor for HTML and Javascript, with syntax colouring, code folding. Get it here:

An even better choice is to get Microsoft's Visual Web Developer 2008 Express Edition, also free. You can use VWD to create HTML pages with Javascript, or optionally ASPX pages with C#. It has code-completion, which means it can tell you what variables and element names are avaiable, plus what properties are available for each element.

Expression Web is the best of all worlds. With code-completion (intellisense) for CSS Styles, and hover mouseover error messages and warnings, it makes all browser-side programming extremely simple. It even highlights mismatched html tags. (Note that Dreamweaver does not have Javascript code-completion.)

User Firefox as your browser, and get the Firebug add-on. Firebug allows you to see the Document Object Model (DOM), showing the relationship of all elements in a page. It also has a full Javascript debugger, allowing you to add breakpoints and single-step F10 through the code and inspect variable values.

Javascript is not a strongly-typed language. This means any variable can contain anything, including numbers, booleans, strings, null. The classical mistake is "2" + "3", which is "23", so beware. Other gotcha's include "55" < "100", and "55" == 55.

To get started, try viewing a source with getElementByById, and use that example to write your first program. Have fun!
Answered by: sherwin - 80 Months Ago.
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The web is full of Javascript. How can you tell? There's lots of dynamic behavior. When you type or click, something changes on the web page.

So the best way to learn Javascript is to use Firebug, and see how other great programmers used Javascript to do these cool things.

Here's how you use Firebug:

* HTML tab - it has a great tree structure showing all the elements on your page. As you float over each HTML tag, the page "highlights". Cool?

* Script tab - you can see all the Javascript code here. And even use breakpoints to stop the code, inspect variables.

* What if the script is all mangled? You'll need to paste everything between the <script> tags into here:
Answered by: Major Tom - 79 Months Ago.
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You want the best editor for Javascript? Komodo Edit!

(Disclaimer: not affiliated with them in any way. Love the software)
Answered by: Doug - 78 Months Ago.
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W3schools gives detail explanation about javascript
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Tizag website help u in basics of javascript....
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3dmdesign site is the best site to beginner of javascript try the site.......
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