What's the difference between all these drawing and painting programs, image editing and photo editing programs?

I've heard of Paint, Photoshop, CorelDraw, and Paint Shop Pro.
With so many titles, editions and versions, how do I know which one to get?
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First, some distinction between the types of programs:

* Photo Editing - (aka Raster or Bitmap Graphics) - Noise removal, Histogram, Brightening or Sharpening. For example, you can move a person into a picture or out of a picture, or change the color of your hair.

* Image Drawing - (aka Vector Graphics) - for example, you make a 3D globe using ellipse, spiral gradient, lighting effect, and shadows. Often used for web graphics. Some have Animation features.

The confusion starts with many programs having features that overlaps categories.

Microsoft Paint is the most basic photo editing program. It only opens BMP files, not JPEG or other files from digital cameras. If you want to change the color of your hair, you'll spend hours selecting each one pixel by pixel. That's when you really appreciate the Magic Wand feature from GIMP or Paint.NET, both free, to select all of the hair at once.

For ease of use, Ulead PhotoImact may be the best. Powerpoint, traditionally used for Presentations, has many image drawing features as well.

Photoshop is the most widely-known, and has become a verb (ie, photoshoped) just like Google. It can do almost all imaginable drawing and painting features. Photoshop Elements is a lower-cost, stripped-down version. Photoshop has a very steep learning curve.

Paint Shop Pro (PSP) started as a raster program like Photoshop, but now has all possible vector features. Since being bought by Corel, many users have been disappointed with the recent "upgrades" to X1 and X2 (ie, 11 and 12). Their favorite version remains PSP version 9.

Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw were vector editors that now has many photo editing features. Adobe Illustrator version CS2 is revolutionary and worth a look. Serif DrawPlus focuses on vector features and is very easy to use.

Finally, Real-DRAW Pro somehow seamlessly mixes vector drawing and bitmap painting, bringing the best of both worlds. http://tinyurl.com/2a7dkb
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The difference between such programs is not quite noticeable sometimes. For example Photoshop is a program that combines all these features in one and if my favorite digital picture manager which is able to edit, create, store and organize the images on your computer.
Such a program as Paint.NET is rather a simple picture editor and a creator as well.
Free image editor at http://fineimageeditor.com/ is also a good example of such a program.
Answered by: VirginiaBriggs - 41 Months Ago.
i tried several converters like avi video converter, but the quality suffers. My video loses quality and shows large pixels. i don't like it. Do you know other ways to convert vob video types to avi? How do i convert a vob to avi video without losing the quality of the video? http://www.ilikemall.com/how-to/convert-vob-to-avi-mac.html
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What's the difference between all these drawing and painting programs, image editing and photo editing programs? I've heard of Paint, Photoshop, CorelDraw, and Paint Shop Pro. With so many titles, editions and versions, how do I know which one to get? - HelpGlobe.Tech.Software
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