What is the best software to design flyers, brochures, and letterheads?

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Desktop publishing is normally understood as the process of editing and layout of material intended for publication, such as books, magazines, brochures and on line viewing.

Desktop publishing software, such as Quark or Adobe InDesign, is designed for such tasks. Such programs do not generally replace word processors and graphics applications, but are used to aggregate content created in these specialist programs.
Microsoft Publisher is an entry level desktop publishing application where the emphasis is placed less on text composition but on page layout and design.
Publisher 2007 is included in high-end releases of Office. This reflects Microsoft's emphasis on positioning Publisher as an easy to use and cheaper alternative to Quark and InDesign. Publisher is focused on the smaller business’s that frequently embark on creative work without dedicated design professionals available. Programs must be easy to use when organizations are heavily reliant on non specialists to produce design documents.
Publisher has a relatively small slice of the desktop publishing world, which is largely dominated by Adobe InDesign and Quark.
Work created by Publisher has historically been poorly received by commercial print shops, compared with other desktop publishing applications. Publisher's position as an entry-level design application caused problems. Many higher end features like transparency, object shadowing, slugs, text on paths, built-in PDF output, etc. are either not fully-functional or simply unavailable. Sometimes fonts and embedded objects were available on the printers' machines. However, recent versions have greater capabilities concerning color separations and proper process coloring output.
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Desktop publishing (DTP) software was invented by Pagemaker, dominated by Quark Xpress, but now by far the easiest and most-powerful is Adobe InDesign.
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Do NOT order from MagicPrints or VistaPrint. They screwed up for me and WILL screw up for you. It's much safer to go to your local Staples.
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