How much work is it to put AJAX features into a website?

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If you have a interactive website which sends data back to the server, like on-line orders, favorites, ratings, or login, your site can benefit from AJAX.

First you must understand the traditional form POST submission mechanism.

Traditional forms works like this:
1. The HTML contains a <form> tag with attribute method="POST".
   (A "GET" form is usually not for sending info to the server.)
2. The entire page is sent back to the server.
3. The server looks for the textboxes, checkboxes, etc, and performs processing.
4. The server sends you back a new page.

AJAX is much more efficient, by acting this way:
1. Sending back to the server only what you typed or selected.
2. Receive back only what you need from the server.
3. Use Javascript to modify only the part of your page that changed.

So how much work is that?

* If you want ultra-simple AJAX, use the Anthem.NET or MagicAjax.NET. These framework hides the complexity, and you can avoid Javascript altogether. ComfortASP's AJAX is the easiest for whole page Ajax enablement. You can get Ajax enabled within minutes!

* If you want ultra-fast AJAX, you will need to code with some Javascript. This can be done either using the Ajax.NET framework, or Microsoft's ASP.NET Ajax with EnablePageMethods. Use Firebug or Fiddler to optimize your http response.

* For PHP, phPulse is ultra-light. Other PHP Ajax frameworks:
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