How do I clean leaked battery acid from electronic devices?

What's the best to remove the chalky white powder leftover from way down deep in the battery compartment?
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Brush off as much of the white stuff as you can. To neutralize an alkaline battery leak, use white vinegar.

To neutralize a car battery spill (which is lead/acid) you use the opposite, an alkali - in this case baking soda.

Use water to clean off any excess fluid, and wipe it off to prevent corrosion. Peroxide can be corrosive, so don't use it unless corrosion is deep within the metal.

BTW- Alkaline batteries don't leak acid, they leak potassium hydroxide which is an alkali...hence the name. It will still corrode the metal battery contacts and even traces on the board though so it's just as bad. I think NiCd's and NiMH batteries also leak an alkali...unlike a car battery which uses sulfuric acid.
Answered by: shshao - 81 Months Ago.
good answer shshao^_^
Commented by: ralahinn1 - 81 Months Ago.
I'd like to add wear latex gloves, incase the acid is still reactive
Commented by: ralahinn1 - 81 Months Ago.
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How do I clean leaked battery acid from electronic devices? What's the best to remove the chalky white powder leftover from way down deep in the battery compartment? - HelpGlobe.Tech.Electronics
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